We are the leading source for LED Lighting in Oklahoma.

Luminous of Oklahoma is a full service factory direct lighting distributor.  Our senior consultants will come to you and perform a free full service lighting audit - we’ll determine your energy consumption, estimate your energy savings with LED, consult you on energy rebates, and offer a no-charge retrofit demo so you can see what your space/facility will look like with LED. Once you have decided that LED is for you, we handle the rest from beginning to end so that you can continue to focus on what is important - your business.

LED is the future of lighting.

It’s already budgeted - funding comes from the money you don’t pay to the utility company or for lighting maintenance 
Provides a clean even enjoyable spectrum of light
Require significantly less power, saving tons of carbon emissions 
Instant on - no warm up time 
Color consistency - all lighting will match inside and out 
No more changing lamps, bulbs 
No more ballast or ballast hum - they are removed 
No more fluorescent flicker—helps to reduce headaches 
No more lift rentals or bucket trucks

LED Lighting is ideal for all environments including Warehouses, Parking Lots, Offices, Classrooms, Restaurants, and Manufacturing.